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Fall Fundraisers


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Fundraising with Maddalena's
"a Piece of Cake"


For the past 40 years, we have been making our award-winning desserts at our home of deliciousness in Ringoes, New Jersey. This sweet journey began when Gene Maddalena, the patriarch of our family-owned business, created the original cheesecake recipe that we still use to this day. We make each cheesecake with the finest ingredients, which includes 100% Real Dairy and pure Bourbon vanilla extract from Madagascar.


Coordinating a Maddalena’s CheeseCake fundraiser is fun and easy since you are selling high-quality desserts that everyone will enjoy. School associations, sports teams, nonprofits, senior groups, and dance studios are some examples of organizations that do extremely well with our seasonal fundraisers.

We recommend coordinating Maddalena’s CheeseCake fundraiser around a special event or holiday. Some of our most successful fundraisers occur before Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day.


We understand that some people may not be celebrating a holiday or having a party, therefore keeping our frozen desserts for a future event is perfect  These products can last up to 6 months when properly stored. We highly suggest telling your customers to keep their treats frozen until ready for use.  Simply defrost your whole CheeseCake on the counter for an hour or overnight in the refrigerator. However, if smaller portions are desired, CheeseCakes as well as our Apple Crumb Pies can be cut into quarters while semi-frozen, wrap each piece carefully, and return to the freezer.  You'll only need about 20 minutes on the counter for a quarter cake, so it's simple you can purchase a whole CheeseCake or Apple Crumb Pie if you live alone and if treated properly, not even one bite will go to waste.


After many years of fundraising, we compiled a detailed list of steps (see below) to help run a successful fundraiser. This resource will provide you and your team(s) with some key tips that will streamline this process. 


Are you interested in coordinating a Maddalena’s CheeseCake fundraiser? If so, please contact us below to get started right away! 

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Steps to Success

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