Steps to Success

Fundraising is a "Piece of Cake"
with Maddalena's! 
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1.  Have A Plan: Gather the team leaders and write down specific sales goals, calculate the number of cakes each person needs to sell to reach your goals. Variety is the spice of life, so mix up the product offerings. You'll be surprised at the results. 


​2.  Contact us: To book your sale at  Sales will be confirmed by our office before they begin via email. A booking will consist of a confirmation of submission date, and delivery/pick-up date. This will be a joint agreement and then the sale may commence.


​3.  Designate a Team Leader: Designate a primary and alternate contact person from your organization to communicate with Maddalena's, collect the sales forms, and field all sales questions. ​We send the information that includes: the cost of the products, suggested selling prices, fundraising advertising rights, order due by, delivery date, location, and delivery time/pick-up time. 


​4.  Sales Kick-Off Launch w/Tasting:  Don't let them wonder if it's delicious, let them try it; once they've tasted it, the rest is a piece of cake.  We will provide you samples to share with your customers (These samples are free as long as your final invoice, based on your cost, reaches $500).  Set up a table and start taking orders at a public event, like back to school night or on the soccer field. 


5. Submission Lead Time: A three week lead time is needed between submission and delivery to allow us time to process your orders in Nov. & Dec. Other times of the year a 2 week lead time is adequate unless authorized by Maddalena’s. You’ll have time on your side to collect money and stay organized. ​ Decide the length of time you wish to actively sell the products.


​6.  Publicity:  Before selling, pass out copies of the forms to your team. Get Mom and Dad to take order forms to work. Someone on your team is bound to be active on social media, ask them to post. Customize one of our posters to promote your fundraiser. 


7.  Communication:  All Orders must be emailed on the submit order form to: to ensure accuracy.  Any additional orders must be put in the add-on column and emailed to Maddalena’s.  Please DO NOT ALTER FORMS in any way.  These forms were made interactive for your convenience but must remain intact.  It is essential that all communications are done through email. Any changes or requests are to be emailed and authorized by Maddalena’s. This helps eliminate the risk of lost messages and information.

Do not phone in your order!


8.  Summary Spread Sheet:   Your designated team leader can tally orders on it to stay organized. When you get additional orders, please add them to the template. Re-submit so we can see the original order and the add-on order and a new total. Add-on orders will be accepted up to 5 days after you submit your order.


​9.  Create a Database:  Enter customer names, phone numbers, and emails from order forms. You'll be extra prepared for next year.  With a well-kept database of people who have opted-in to receive communications, you are in a position to send newsletters and invitations for future events. 


​10.  Payment:  Our payment process is easy; you may either make your payment through the invoice link or mail a SINGLE check to Maddalena’s. Make all checks payable: Maddalena's Cheesecake & Catering Co.  ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE DELIVERY.  To those organizations that need payment approval – Please Plan Accordingly.


​11.  Order Confirmation:  After the submission of your order, you will receive a Quick Books Invoice through email.  As Team Leader it is your responsibility to thoroughly review every line of the invoice.  This includes delivery address and time and date.  Name and phone number of the person who will receive the delivery & product. Your submission form and invoice should match exactly.

Please sign and date your invoice as confirmation that all information is correct and email back to

12. Delivery:  Payment must be received before any delivery.  Team Leaders are required to be present at the time of delivery.  If for any reason a team leader is unable to be present to receive the delivery an alternate leader must be appointed and have access to all documentation and phone numbers.  We deliver the frozen products free unless your final invoice from Maddalena's is less than $500.00 (This is applies to deliveries that take within an hour from our facility).   Any deliveries that are a 60-90 minute ride from Maddalena’s are required to sell over $600.00 in order to receive free delivery. All others please contact us.  Orders that are less can be picked up at our storefront bakery location in Ringoes, NJ.  Make sure you have your freezer or refrigerator space ready.  Don't panic if you don't have refrigeration, these are a few creative examples of how other customers have kept products cold prior to pick up - coolers, insulated blankets with ice packs, mother nature helps in winter; the garage, an outdoor shed or an SUV "out of the sun" have all been successful solutions.  Make sure your space is cool and dry with large tables to stack the products.  


​13.  Delivery Acceptance:  Your order will be delivered in cases, counted and sorted by flavors. Our delivery person will carefully go over the invoice and product count with your team leader. When the order is confirmed accurate, we'll ask for a signature on the invoice, and then your team can disperse the product. 

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