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Make Your Spring Celebrations Extra Sweet & Festive

Updated: Jan 12

Spring has finally arrived! After a long winter, we are ready for a season of celebrations to enjoy with family and friends. As you know, one of the key components of any memorable gathering is the menu. At Maddalena’s Cheesecake, we are always looking for ways to help make special occasions extra sweet and festive.

This time of year, we are busy making our seasonal favorites for our customers. Our key lime cheesecake is an all-time favorite that we cannot keep on the shelves. They are usually sold out in a few days after we bake a fresh batch for our storefront market. This sweet-tart dessert presents just the right amount of citrus zip that awakens the taste buds and leaves people wanting another slice. We also find that this dessert is complementary to most festivities. If you would like to pair a wine with this dessert, we recommend Old York Cellars’ Sparkling White, which is a crisp, dry Chardonnay that adds some texture as well as enriches the flavor of this decadent treat.

Our toasted coconut pineapple cheesecake is another seasonal favorite that customers crave. From brunch to dinner, this is a delicious dessert to offer guests. Not only does it have a tropical flair, but it also adds a bit of texture that people like to savor with each bite taken. We recommend that you have some fun when displaying this flavor. For example, you can jazz it up with some fresh pineapple and coconut. Besides adding some visual dimension, it is a wonderful way to enhance the sensorial experience of this sweet course.

Cheesecake custom designs for special occasions are another option at our bake shop in Ringoes, New Jersey. From birthdays to small weddings, we receive quite a few requests for fresh berries and buttercream flowers to beautifully accessorize our cakes. Additionally, we can even decorate our desserts for anniversaries, baby or bridal showers, graduations, and even Mother's Day.

Now, for those individuals that prefer our original recipe, we have two different sizes for entertaining purposes. By the way, our homemade fruit sauces, which are available in strawberry, raspberry, and pineapple, are perfect to drizzle over top of your go-to Maddalena’s Cheesecake. Furthermore, if you want to offer your guests a wonderful selection of flavors, you can never go wrong with our cheesecake sampler.

Our storefront market is continuously stocked with an array of desserts that partner with various party themes, accompany distinct menus, and even address unique food requests. Do not delay; visit our online store today to view the many sweet selections that we offer at our Home of Deliciousness.

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