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Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for Local Nonprofits & Organizations

Updated: Jan 14

January 11, 2021

Are you looking for a unique and effective approach to raising awareness and funds for your nonprofit or organization? Well, we have the solution! We put together a special CheeseCake Fundraiser that is an exciting way for your staff and volunteers to support your fundraising efforts this winter.

At Maddalena’s CheeseCake Co., we help to make fundraising a “piece of cake” for nonprofits, church groups, sports teams, etc. Sign-up for our Valentine’s Day CheeseCake Fundraiser by January 15, 2021, and you will receive an additional $1.00 on every cheesecake that you sell. We offer this exclusive promotion once a year, right before Valentine’s Day, to further support our local community.

Here are some key highlights of this fundraiser:

Maddalena's Cherry Passion Fruit CheeseCake
  • Your staff and volunteers will enjoy selling a delicious product that their friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers will LOVE

  • We offer you tried-and-true fundraising strategies that will help you reach your target goal

  • Our wonderful selection of cheesecakes, which some flavors are available in gluten-free and keto (sugar-free), helps to expand your reach

  • Our cherry passion fruit cheesecake, a seasonal favorite for Valentine’s Day, provides a unique selling point and helps to increase sales

  • Our award-winning apple crumb pie is an option for people that prefer pie

Maddalena's Apple Crumb Pie

You will find that our Valentine’s Day CheeseCake Fundraiser will help your nonprofit or organization coordinate a fundraising event that provides many benefits, as well as establishes a memorable experience for your staff, volunteers, and supporters.

We look forward to working with you!

Contact us at: Fundraiser@maddalenascatering.com

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