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We have expanded our presence in the community to the following service offerings;

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Catering – Our 34th year of delivering our gourmet foods and deserts to New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Look no further than Maddalena’s Catering for your next event. We can provide a custom tailored menu for weddings, corporate events and family gatherings.

Have us cater your family reunion, picnic or BBQ. We’ll provide everything you need to enjoy our gourmet food, including: outdoor tents, china, tables and chairs.

Maddalena’s Catering is known for quality food and beautiful presentation. Let’s plan something spectacular for you.

CheeseCakes -Our delicious CheeseCakes are in selected supermarkets and specialty shops throughout New Jersey. Now available in Gluten Free

Our customers can’t get enough of Maddalena’s CheeseCake. We continue to follow our time honored tradition of baking quality cakes from the best ingredients available.

We have expanded our line of CheeseCake products to include Gluten -Free CheeseCakes. Order one and see if we have followed  our long baking  heritage and produced the best  Gluten-Free CheeseCake you have tasted

List of where you can purchase our CheeseCake.

Dessert Trucks – Four Dessert Trucks  have been constructed and are delivering our specialty products to Events and Fairs  near you

The history of American food trucks dates back to the 17th century. Since then, food trucks have taken a front seat in the world of American street food and are part of most fairs and festivals today. Food trucks have experienced a boom as way for food specialties to provide a less expensive way to provide their product to the public. The need for mobility to attend weekend fairs and events has lead Maddalena’s Catering to build 4 vehicles , available not only for weekend events, but to your celebration or picnic. See our Dessert Truck page for more details.


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