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Maddalena's two pound, 7" CheeseCakes come frozen & uncut. They are best thawed overnight in the fridge, but in a pinch, you can thaw on the kitchen counter for about an hour.


Are there just two of you?  Try this little trick; as soon as you get home, cut your cake into 4 equal pieces, wrap them up tightly &  put back in the box then put the box back in the freezer. When you are ready for a snack pull out one of the quarter cakes.  The two of you will never again have to worry about your CheeseCake lasting till you can finish it.  If you are having guests? We suggest you bring your cakes home and cut them into eight four ounce servings.

On a restricted diet?  Look at our nutritional facts, you might find that you can enjoy a 2 ounce portion and still be within your limitations. Cut the quarter cake in 4 equal 2 ounce pieces. The nutritional facts on our box are calculated using a 4 ounce portion so do the math, you might be ok.   Another option; cut a 4 oz. mini CheeseCake in half. 


If you have a medical condition, please show your doc. our nutritional facts and ask for guidance, moderation is often the key.  Two ounces of deliciousness may do the trick and leave you feeling very satisfied.   ​

Like all handmade CheeseCakes, no two come out visually identical, but they all have the consistent deliciousness the Maddalena's brand is known for.  Our original vanilla cheeseCake is made using the finest natural ingredients, from the highest quality cream cheese, eggs and pure bourbon vanilla.  Some toppings or coatings may contain preservatives or artificial flavoring. We coat our pans with a non-hydrogenated shortening made from pressed palm oil & we dust the pans with graham cracker crumbs.


Our CheeseCakes are available in Supermarkets & Specialty Shops throughout NJ & PA. 

You can also visit our bake shop in Ringoes, NJ!  Call us to arrange a pick up time.

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