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A Perfect Duo: Cheesecake & Wine

Updated: Jan 12

We reached out to our friends at Old York Cellars to help us create some cheesecake and wine pairings that will definitely take our award-winning desserts to the next level. With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, cheesecake and wine, a perfect duo, will fully entertain the senses as well as make this romantic holiday extra sweet. Whether you enjoy dry, semi-sweet, or sweet wines, here are some delightful pairings to explore.

Our vanilla cheesecake, the base for all our cheesecake flavors, gains its distinct taste from the all-natural ingredients that we use, which include 100% real dairy and bourbon vanilla extract. We discovered that Old York's Riesling, an off-dry wine with hints of apple and pear, is a suitable match for this sweet course.

Next up is our chocolate cheesecake, a notable go-to when you want to quickly address any chocolate cravings. From top to bottom, this cocoa-rich dessert with lovely vanilla undertones will dreamily melt in your mouth. The winery’s Southpaw Red, a brandy-based wine with a whisper of black cherry and prune, fully embraces and heightens the true essence of this heavenly treat.

Now, our black forest cheesecake has a vanilla, creamy base that is perfectly accented with a cherry swirl and finished with a chocolate crumb dusting. We found that Old York’s What Exit Red, a beautiful blend of Syrah, Marechal Foch, Landot Noir, and Concord grapes, is a spot-on complement to this dessert.

You have not lived until you have tried our turtle cheesecake. This decadent dessert is topped with a generous amount of salted caramel, chocolate and butterscotch chips, almonds, pecans, and walnuts. The winery's Southpaw White, a vivacious dessert wine with traces of honey and tropical notes, exudes a smooth, sweet finish that daringly mingles with this multidimensional cheesecake packed with flavor and texture.

Need an escape from the winter doldrums? Our key lime cheesecake provides a burst of sunshine with every bite. Old York's Sparkling White, a crisp, dry Chardonnay, adds some texture and enriches the flavor of this sweet yet slightly tart dessert that will surely mesmerize your taste buds.

Every February, we make our passion fruit cheesecake, which includes a cherry swirl and a coating of chocolate cookie crumbs, which is on target for this month of romance since both key ingredients of this vibrant dessert are considered aphrodisiacs. To flawlessly accentuate the flavors of this seasonal dessert, we suggest uniting it with the winery's Raspberry Blush, an enjoyable sweet wine that is so delectable.

You will find that our marble cheesecake or chocolate chip cheesecake can go with a variety of wines, depending on your mood. Made with our bourbon vanilla recipe, these desserts include just the right amount of chocolate. The winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon, a savvy red with black cherry, vanilla, and a cedar finish, goes great with these scrumptious confections.

We are absolutely delighted to see that Old York Cellars has a nice selection of sweet wines that match up perfectly with our berry cheesecakes, which are available in strawberry, raspberry, or blueberry swirl. Yes, they are all berry good!

If you are unable to decide on a particular cheesecake, we do make a 2 lb. sampler that has quarter slices of our four most popular flavors. We can also custom-decorate our cheesecakes with berries and festive accents.

As you can see, selecting just the right cheesecake and bottle of wine can easily become a sweet adventure and a wonderful way to support local businesses. Placing some thought into your Valentine’s Day celebration will truly make it a memorable time for you and your sweetheart.

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