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Start Earning MADDCA$H

Our Mission

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We want to get you into our store, do not just drive by and wonder what we have to offer.  Come in and become a rewards customer, explore the wonderful desserts we offer especially our delectable & famous CheeseCake and apple crumb pie. Our savory oven-ready meals will delight your family, our chicken pot pie is so popular it remains a favorite all through the summer. Smoked chicken and pork dishes will melt in your mouth, our stuffed peppers can be grilled to perfection & quiche is perfect for brunch or dinner.  Come to the HOME OF DELICIOUSNESS and indulge in all these treats and more.

MADDCA$H Rewards

*Create your account.   

*Download  the App & get 40 MADDCA$H points.     

*Place 1st order using the app & earn 100 MADDCA$H pts.

*After initial order earn 1 MADDCA$H pt. per dollar spent.

*20 MADDCA$H pts = $1.

*Earn more MADDCA$H pts. when your number & email address are confirmed.

*Birthday Reward = 1 Free CheeseCake on a stick.       

*Instore purchases are also eligible for MADDCA$H pts.

*Maximum points allotted per order = 200.

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